School volunteer sentenced for touching 8-year-old girl

CREATED Feb 25, 2013

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OCONOMOWOC - Anthony Pico will spend the next six years behind bars for touching a girl while he was volunteering at her school.

The judge told Pico if he would admit what he did was wrong, he may have given him a lighter sentence.

Judge William Domina asked Pico, “Why’d your life go from father of the year and all the superlatives that described your’d it go from that to you sitting before me in orange?”

“I don’t know," Pico responded.

In his orange jumpsuit, Pico sat silently as the judge told him he’d have to serve six years in jail, then 10 years supervised probation.

Pico was found guilty in December of touching an eight-year-old girl as he volunteered at her school, Summit Elementary in Oconomowoc.

Pico said he was sorry, but didn’t admit to doing something horribly wrong.

“When I first learned that my actions made a child feel uncomfortable there hasn’t been a day filled with remorse,” Pico said.

“He maintains his innocence," said Pico’s attorney, Jonathan LaVoy. "He believes he did not engage in this behavior for any sexually motivated purpose, and he does not believe himself to be guilty of this."

One by on,e Pico’s family, friends, and wife took the stand telling the judge that Pico was a good guy, and a loving father to two young kids, one of whom was best friends with the victim.

“Put whatever restrictions on him you need to, but send him back to me,” said Pico’s wife, Michelle Pico.

The victim’s family was in court today, but none of them testified. Pico plans on appealing the guilty verdict.