Gov. Walker meets with President Obama to discuss sequester

CREATED Feb 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Governor Walker met with President Obama at the White House Monday morning.

Walker joined other governors to talk about the upcoming federal budget cuts. The so-called "sequester" goes in effect on Friday unless Congress can reach some kind of compromise, and it comes to $80 billion dollars.

The White House reports Wisconsin would lose about $27.5 million dollars, mostly in education funding.

But the midnight shift in the control tower at Mitchell International Airport would be closed. The control towers in Waukesha and Kenosha would also close.

The president asked the governors to put pressure on their congressional delegation to find a compromise to avoid the cuts, and prevent another financial crisis.

Governor Walker believes the cuts won't have much effect in Wisconsin, but he wants negotiators to come up with something better than the automatic cuts.

The deadline is Friday, and right now Congress and the White House are not negotiating.