Bob Ryan's alleged victim speaks

CREATED Feb 22, 2013

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EXCLUSIVE - A woman, who claims former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan groped her repeatedly, speaks for the first time.

"He's said his side of the story and I just want a chance to say my side," said the victim. We are not naming her to protect he identity.

The woman says she was there when Bob Ryan went on a drinking binge in July of 2011. She was with a friend one night at an Elkhart Lake bar, minding their own business.

"All of a sudden I feel hands come up behind me on my stomach, move up to my chest, squeeze. I was mortified, I turned around I said, 'What are you doing?'"

She says Ryan walked away, then came back and did it again.

"He caused quite a scene, so the group he was with, one of the ladies said 'I’m really sorry, he's really intoxicated.'"

Just this week, Ryan pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, a plea deal that allowed him to avoid jail time.

After court, Ryan told reporters, "I was not looking forward to people making false accusations on the stand. I was not looking forward to putting my family through that."

But, according to the victim, “I say he wasn't thinking of his family that weekend in Elkhart Lake. And he wasn't thinking of his family and how his wife and kids were going to feel when he was busy groping me at the bar."

Though she did not get the answer she wanted in court, the woman states there is still a chance for Ryan to hold himself accountable.

Reporter: "What's your message to him tonight?”

Victim: “I would just say to him that, you know, be a man and at least apologize. Acknowledge what you did."

Ryan was ordered to pay $200. As for that apology, the woman tells TODAY'S TMJ4, as much as she'd like it, she doesn't think she'll ever get it.