Pharmacist by day, 'OWI Hunter' by night

CREATED Feb 22, 2013

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APPLETON - A recovering alcoholic is doing his part to cut down on drunk driving. 

Brad (who asked we don't use his last name) waits outside bars on Saturday nights looking for people who aren't in condition to drive.

"I watch for drivers who may be swerving or people staggering getting into cars," Brad told WTMJ's Wisconsin's Afternoon News.  "I follow them until police can pull them over."

AUDIO: Click to hear Brad on Wis. Afternoon News

Since Brad started hunting for drunk drivers a year ago, he has helped nab more than forty offenders.

"I've had more get away than I've caught," he said. 

The self-proclaimed 'OWI Hunter' is a recovering alcoholic and wants to create a network of hunters. Law enforcement officials don't seem to mind.

"I've had nothing but a positive response from police," he explained.