2nd graders learn persuasive writing, through Facebook

CREATED Feb 22, 2013

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MILWAUKEE – Second-grade students at MPS's Hartford University School are getting a lesson in persuasive writing, and are using social media to help them learn. Their goal was to convince their school of 10 additional minutes of recess.

"Room 21’s students wrote Principal Tanzanique Carrington, arguing that if they had the additional recess time, they would have an outlet for their energy, be more focused and be more energized for their schoolwork," said Tony Tagliavia with the school district. 

Principal Carrington decided a reward of at least one day of extended recess is in order if the students are able to use their persuasive skills to convince 1 million Facebook users to ‘like’ their effort.

“This is a great way to have the students set a goal and reach it! It ties directly to the school curriculum,” Carrington said. “It also brings attention to the need for physical activity when the nation is combating the problem of childhood obesity.”

You can find the school's Facebook page, and 'like' their effort, here.