DPW slams into two cars, and it's all caught on tape

CREATED Feb 21, 2013

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  • Video by wtmj.com


MILWAUKEE - A shocking crash was caught on tape. A DPW truck plowed head-on into two vehicles, creating a scary situation.

It happened right outside Milwaukee Alarm Company in the Third Ward. An employee had just walked away from his truck when he saw the DPW driver barreling down the road.

"The truck was just bouncing like crazy. I've never seen a truck that big bounce so much," said Darin Piasecki, a technician.

Piasecki had been standing next to his truck just moments before it happened.

"Thirty seconds before I was standing in the street right next to my truck and if I would have been a little later, I probably wouldn't be standing here," he said.

Employees say the intersection leading up to the business is pretty tricky. The roads come in at odd angles and not everybody has a stop sign. They've seen crashes before, but nothing like this.

"There's been a couple different accidents at that intersection and we've asked the city for a stop sign and haven't had a response," said Joe Haas.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt in this crash, including the DPW driver who got out of the truck on his own.

"I asked him what happened and his only response to me was ‘I tried to get it slowed down,’" said Piasecki.

DPW tells us they think the driver suffered some sort of medical problem. He was treated at a local hospital and sent home. They won't tell us his name. As for Milwaukee Alarm, insurance will cover the two trucks that were totaled.