Sheboygan woman takes plea in 1957 death of her daughter

CREATED Feb 21, 2013

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SHEBOYGAN - A woman accused of killing her infant daughter in 1957 has agreed to a plea deal in the re-opened murder case.

According to Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco, Ruby Klokow's trial was set for the week of Feb. 25 through Feb. 29, but will not occur because of the deal.

"Klokow, charged with the then 1957 crime of Second Degree Murder (today’s First Degree Reckless Homicide), was alleged to have caused the death of her then 9 month old daughter," said DeCecco. "She told police back then that the child had rolled off a davenport falling about a foot and a half onto the floor. Two modern forensic pathologists gave their respective opinions that such a fall could not produce the child’s injuries documented by the original autopsy report."

DeCecco said the case was re-opened when Klokow's son, James, went to police with suspicions about the death. He was two years old at the time of the baby's death.

The plea deal cannot be announced until the plea date, which is Feb. 25.