Couple in town to help entertain Milwaukee needs help of their own finding their missing pooch

CREATED Feb 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - "She's really sweet. She's a rescue," said Erica Porch. "I got her when she was a year old and she was found in a dumpster."

More photos of Pudd and contact information for the couple

“Puddy” has been through a lot in her five years. But now she's found a happy home with Erica Porch and her boyfriend Lane Elms. They travel across the country thanks to Lane's job as a sound engineer with the Sister Act show, now playing at the Marcus Center. Tuesday, Puddy took off from the couple's temporary home downtown.

"It's hard for us," said Lane Llms. "We don't even know our way around so I'm sure she's confused as well."

The couple is posting fliers and looking for any sign of the lab mix. But so far, nothing.

Another big fear -- the cold temperatures. Lane and Erica are from Georgia, so Puddy is a warm weather dog. She’s not used to these harsh Wisconsin winters.

"I'm hoping her instincts kicked in and she got somewhere warm, but that worries me a lot," said Porch.

And the clock is ticking. The couple is supposed to leave town for good on Monday, and they want every member of the family along for the ride.

"She's part of the family," Porch added. "She is our family. It's me and Lane and Puddy.”

Puddy is a black lab mix with white spots on her chest. She's 40 pounds and has a purple collar with tags and a chip. The couple is offering a reward.