Milwaukee Firefighters talk about scary incident

CREATED Feb 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - They were dragged by a driver they were trying to help.

A Milwaukee Fire lieutenant gives us his first hand account.

"It was a busy day, there was a lot of cars out there. I didn't want him to hit somebody else."

Lt. Spencer Ramsdell knew he had to get the keys from the hand of the driver.

They were called to the intersection of Richards Street and Capital Drive to help the man for a possible drug overdose.

"He was altered, absolutely."

When they arrived, the man refused to cooperate. Four firefighters surrounded the car.

"I had a firefighter here (leaning over the driver) I'm reaching over the top here to try and get the key," explained Ramsdell.

Two others reached in from the back passenger doors when the man started the engine. Ramsdell turned the car off but couldn't get the key out. The man got it started again.

"And I hear him revving the car up and I see his hand drop to the thing and gets it into low gear and he goes."

With the firefighters still hanging on, half way in the car.

"I see them bail out. I see them roll out and it's just a sinking feeling. It's horrible," said Lt. Ramsdell.

The man dragged the firefighters about 40 feet before one of them got control of the wheel and shifted the car into park, bringing it to a screeching halt.

All had knee injuries but will be OK. They were treated and released from the hospital. They are just happy the driver didn't get far enough to hurt anyone else.