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Another storm on its way, bringing cold but not much snow

CREATED Feb 19, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It was a chilly night across the state with temperatures below zero in most locations and expectations for a chilly day ahead for those same locations. There should be plenty of sunshine in the Milwaukee area with the cold and dry air settling in but clouds return Thursday in advance of the next snow storm which hits late Thursday night.

Photos of the full forecast

Wednesday is the anniversary of more cold air when back in 1979 the record for consecutive days at or below freezing in Milwaukee came to an end. The record streak of freezing weather was fifty-two days long starting at the end of December in 1978. We have lived through some very chilly streaks of arctic or polar air here in Milwaukee over the past 140 years. The coldest consecutive period in Milwaukee’s recorded weather history has to be the four days from Jan. 9 through the 12th in 1912 when the high temperature stayed below zero for all four days. That also occurred from Feb. 8through the 11th in 1899, but the January period was colder. During those four January days there were 113 consecutive hours of temperatures below zero, the record for Milwaukee.

The record for consecutive days with the low temperatures staying below zero was seventeen days from Jan. 27 through Feb. 12 back in 1895.