14-vehicle crash on U.S. 41; cars 'piled up...like a NASCAR race'

CREATED Feb 19, 2013

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LOMIRA - The ice and blowing snow made for messy driving all over Southeast Wisconsin on Tuesday. More than a dozen cars and trucks got caught up in a one crash near Lomira.

More photos of the crash


"I guess I need an officer," said one 911 caller of the crash.

The dramatic 911 call is from a driver who lost control on Highway 41 in Dodge County.

"As I’m slowing down, I hit,” he said. “I started to spin out and I hit another car and spun out."

Deputies shut down the southbound freeway lanes for two hours. Semis jack-knifed and crash in the ditch, there was one crash after another. Visibility was so poor and roads were so slick that drivers had no time stop. Nine cars were damaged in a 14-car pile up, and four cars slid off the freeway.

"At times there were white out conditions," said Sgt. Dale Schmidt with the Dodge County Sheriff's Department.

Sgt. Schmidt says it was dangerous for first responders.

"We have to be out there standing on the side of the road helping these people out of the ditches, helping these people out of the middle of the road, shutting down traffic and many times cars don't slow down," said Schmidt.

It’s been bust at the Mayville Auto Body Shop. A tow truck unloaded SUV badly damaged in the pileup, and it was just an example of the busy day they’ve had. Most of the cars are from Tuesday morning's multi-car crash.

We hear it all the time in Winter weather. Deputies say it was another case of drivers just going too fast in bad conditions.

"I'm really worried about that car," the 911 caller continued.

“There is a car in the ditch and a car that was hit and spun around and it's now facing the oncoming traffic," another 911 caller said.

Ambulances transported two drivers with what are said to be non-life threatening injuries. Deputies plan to issue citations when their investigation is complete.