MATC completes investigation into racial slur in online grading system

CREATED Feb 18, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - Milwaukee Area Technical College spent more than a week looking into how a racial slur ended up next to a student’s name.

Now, the school says its investigation is over but the college can’t say who did it.

Despite an investigation, Erica Hughes still doesn’t know who typed the words “Dumb N” next to her name. The MATC nursing student filed a complaint with the college.

”I don't feel they gave enough into finding out who did it,” said Hughes.

The nursing student had logged in at the West Allis campus and found the racial slur in the college’s online grading system. Originally she suspected her instructor or someone higher may be involved.

“We can definitely say the instructor did not enter that language into the user profile,” explained Kathleen Hohl, communication director with the school.

When we first talked to Hohl about the complaint she said there would be a thorough investigation. After the investigation, the college said someone who had access to Hughes’ account information used the college’s wireless router and wrote the slur.

“I’m not pinpointing just the instructor, I don't know who did it,” said Hughes.

MATC said the allegation was about the instructor and looked at that allegation alone. Hohl said if the student wants to file another complaint it will possibly look into the new complaint.

Hughes said she didn’t feel it was a complete investigation. She insisted she never gave anyone her personal information or failed to log off a computer. MATC argued its wireless system, used on all campuses, was not hacked. But it’s still unclear who typed the slur.