Sheriff: Domestic drone opportunities are 'endless'

CREATED Feb 18, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Could domestic drones be flying over southeast Wisconsin in the future?  It can't happen soon enough, one law enforcement official said.  But some groups think it would be an infringement on privacy rights.

"The tools are great but they can be misused," ACLU of Wisconsin executive director Christopher Ahmuty told WTMJ's Wisconsin's Afternoon News.  "The major concern is the possibility the drones could be used for a 'fishing expedition.'  Not for investigating a crime, but in a way that could violate someone's privacy."

But Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls believes drones would only help his agency.

"The good we could do with drones far outweighs those who are skeptic about invasions of privacy," Nehls said. 

Drones could be used to assess damage following flooding or tornadoes, according to the sheriff. 

"The opportunities are endless and I think law enforcement has some good applications they could use that would not infringe upon the rights of the people," Nehls said.