Convicted sex offender to move into Racine neighborhood

CREATED Feb 18, 2013

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RACINE - People who live in a part of Racine are up in arms over news that a sex offender has moved next door.

Michael Fink will be living right off of Memorial Drive.

This is the second time the state has tried to place him.

Stephanie Paris wants her neighbors to know a convicted sex offender will soon be living next door.

"We have a lot of kids and women in the area," explained Paris to TODAY'S TMJ4's Nick Montes.

Fink has three convictions for sexual assault of young girls.

The state tried to get him confined because he is a violent offender.

He has been scheduled to be released into Racine in March, but Paris wants him out of her community.

"Lots of grandkids that I watch and come here - it's their safety.  We're worried about it," said Paris.

Fink was scheduled for release in January, but that was changed because the state realized they were placing him blocks away from his victim.

He will be required to wear electronic monitoring bracelets.

However, that's not enough for Diane Quinones, who worries about her grandchildren.

"No more can (children) be out there unless there is an adult with (them)," said Quinones.

A community meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday about Fink's status.

It has been scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the COP House on 1900 16th Street in Racine.