Authorities try to identify body found in Milwaukee dumpster

CREATED Feb 17, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 18, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Authorities are taking Monday to try and identify a body discovered in a dumpster on Milwaukee's northwest side.
It was found Sunday night near 63rd and Florist.
Police aren't saying anything about the identity, but it was found less than a mile and a half away from where alleged murder victim Evon Young went missing in January.
A woman taking out the trash discovered the decomposing body in a white sheet at about 4 p.m. Sunday.
She couldn't believe it, so she called her sister to come check to be sure that it was a body.
The person's head was in a black trash bag with holes torn in it.
The woman called police and the remains were taken away on a stretcher to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office.
The woman and her sister didn't want to be identified, but they spoke to TODAY'S TMJ4's Keller Russell.
"We just couldn't believe it.  We just kept on saying it.  'Oh, it's not...'  We didn't want to believe it until we call the police," the woman told Russell.

The Milwaukee Police Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Medical Examiner are working to identify the body and figure out who placed it in the dumpster.

Authorities were to spend some time at the site of the discovery on Monday, asking questions to help figure out who the person is.