Milwaukee family glad doom-cruise is over

CREATED Feb 15, 2013

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The cruise nightmare is finally over and now one Milwaukee family is actually happy to be back in the cold.

Allison Raison: "I was wondering ‘What did we look like?’ It's crazy."

Allison Raison and her mother Gene are now watching on the news what they lived through. Stranded on the Carnival Triumph, the two are now comfy on the couch at their Milwaukee home.

Gene Albanese: “It took the stress off me finally. I just now relaxed. Home sweet home."

As soon as they touched land, they knew their ordeal was a big deal.

Gene Albanese: "People were pulled over with their hazards on just to watch us come off. It was crazy. We felt famous."

And after a week with limited food and little bathing water, the first order of business: Gene Albanese: "That shower. Oh, best shower I've ever had. We were like, "Ahhhhh!"

Their first stop was a hotel in New Orleans, about 2 hours away from where the ship finally docked.

Allison Raison: "My mom, someone grabbed her and gave her a bag of McDonald's and we're like, ‘Oh McDonalds.’ It's crazy, like we never saw McDonalds before."

And if the boat and the bus weren't enough, they still had to hop a flight to find their way home. By air, by land, and by sea -- it's a trip they will never forget.

Gene Albanese: "I'm home. I'm alive. That's all I needed."