Woman accused of abandoning her 1-year-old charged with battery

CREATED Feb 15, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A 22-year-old woman who allegedly abandoned her child is in jail on four counts, including battery to her child.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, a neighbor of Jasmine Oliver's noticed her outside her home with her one-year-old child lying facedown on the ground next to her, not moving or crying. The neighbor and his sister then report they saw Oliver pick her child up by the coat and throw her back down, face-first on the concrete.

The neighbor said he ran over the grab the baby, and Oliver began walking away. He went in his house with the child and when he came back out, he saw Oliver speaking with police.

The officers in the squad car said Oliver told them she didn't want her child any more. The baby was taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital. At one point during the trip she stopped breathing but was resuscitated.

A doctor at the hospital says the child has been "severely physically abused" and that she believes the child needs to be protected from future harm.

Oliver did not understand why she was being arrested, telling officers on scene," I just popped my baby in the mouth. How is that a [expletive] felony!"

She is in jail on two counts of physical abuse of a child, substantial battery and child abandonment.