New allegations against man already sentenced for sexually assaulting a minor

CREATED Feb 15, 2013

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WAUKESHA - He's already serving time for sexually assaulting a young girl, but now there are new allegations coming to light for Daniel Koepke.

A criminal complaint details what allegedly occurred between the teen and a young girl. Koepke is already serving time for molesting another girl.

Koepke is already behind bars. A judge just sentenced him to 22 months in prison for molesting a six-year-old girl last summer. But it turns out, he may have molested another girl, before that.

“The charges in this new case did not come out until after the other case was resolved,” said Jonathan Lavoy, Koepke’s defense attorney.

Waukesha County prosecutors hit Koepke with new sexual assault charges . The criminal complaint states he molested a girl, his friend’s sister, during a sleepover at a friend's house.

Lavoy said he knew the second case was under investigation while the first case was pending.

Even though Koepke was just charged for this crime, it happened two years ago. It is being charged now, because the victim just told a friend's parent.

Koepke's attorney said just because his client was convicted of one crime, it doesn't mean he's guilty this time.

Once again, Daniel Koepke is accused of inappropriately touching a young girl. According to the criminal complaint, the incident happened in the basement of his friends house.

The alleged crime in this new case happened several years before Koepke was first sentenced to 22 months in January for molesting another girl who was five at that time. His defense attorney in that case is representing him again.

When the Hamilton High School student was first charged in the previous case, as part of his bond, the judge ordered him not to have unsupervised contact with anyone younger than 16 except for his brother.

“He was always supervised at the high school,” said Lavoy. “There's no requirement under law that schools be notified when somebody's under prosecution.”

But it appears because charges were filed under the jurisdiction of Washington County, neither the school district nor the Waukesha sheriff knew about it.

"A person who is being accused of committing a crime is innocent until proven guilty,” Lavoy added. “So we're not in a position where there was any requirement for the DA's office or the police to notify the school officials."

Koepke will be in court at the end of the month. Because the alleged crime happened several years ago, Koepke's attorney says he will argue his client was a juvenile at that time. If convicted, he could get up to 60 years in prison.