Meteor injures thousands in remote Siberia

CREATED Feb 15, 2013

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SIBERIA - A powerful blast rocked Russia this morning causing damage to buildings and injuring more than 1,000 people.

More photos of the meteor

Scientists believe a meteor is to blame. Streaking across an early morning sky, a burst of light and an explosion of sound.

These unverified pictures appear to show a Russian city's close shave with a meteorite.

Locals heard, and felt the shockwave of it passing.

On the ground, people stunned and unsure of what they had seen, were left staring at the meteorite's thick trail.

Many hurt by broken glass. Window popped out and a large part of this factory roof collapsed.

This level of damage is rare but meteorites are common. They're often small and burn up as they enter the earth's atmosphere.

Later Friday, an asteroid the size of an olympic swimming pool, called 2012 da, will make the closest recorded pass of earth. Closer than some satellites.

"We understand its orbit extremely well and we can say with great confidence that there is no chance of hitting the earth," said Donald Yeomans, with NASA.

In this part of Russia, that will be welcome news.

Some people are asking if that asteroid fly-by that we're expecting is somehow linked, but scientists say no. They're calling it a cosmic coincidence.