Green Bay teacher gets Valentine's Day surprise of a lifetime

CREATED Feb 14, 2013

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GREEN BAY - A Green Bay school teacher got a Valentine's Day surprise to remember. Students gathered this afternoon for an all-school assembly at McAuliffe Elementary to talk about the meaning of Valentine's Day.

At the end, teacher Kristin Zimmerman's boyfriend proposed. Turns out, Tony Hellebrand hid in a janitor's closet before the presentation to avoid being seen ahead of time. 

"I was the most nervous guy alive, right on the other side of that door and then as soon as it opened, it was just like, okay, now I can do something about it," Hellebrand said shortly after the proposal.

"I'm usually not at a loss for words because I'm a teacher, but today I am," Zimmerman responded.

Zimmerman and her new fiance actually met on Valentine's Day and they have now been together for three years.