Milwaukee Police end landfill search for Evon Young

CREATED Feb 14, 2013

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MENOMONEE FALLS - Milwaukee Police Sergeant Mark Stanmeyer announced Thursday that they have ended the landfill search for Ebony, or Evon, Young, the transgender rapper that was murdered earlier this year.

"Detectives had narrowed the area of the landfill that Ebony's body was most likely in, resulting in tons of garbage being moved and searched in an effort to locate any evidence related to the homicide," said Stanmeyer. "The detectives, as well as personnel from the landfill, a local excavating company, and dog handlers conducted an exhaustive search under challenging circumstances, however Ebony's remains were not found."

Stanmeyer said that even though they are disappointed they did not find any evidence of Young, their investigation has found other evidence that should help prove the case against their defendants in the case.