Planned Parenthood Arsonist Sentenced

CREATED Feb 14, 2013

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GREEN BAY, Wis.-- A Kaukauna man will spend the next 11 years behind bars for setting off an explosive device inside a Planned Parenthood in Grand Chute back in April.

A federal judge sentenced 50-year-old Francis Grady 10 years for arson, one year for damage to a reproductive health facility, and three years of supervised release.

"I think it's a fair sentence maybe a couple years higher than I thought it would be," Grady's sister Anne Hoffmann said. "I don't think he meant to do it, but I know he's not a terrorist."

Grady apologized to Planned Parenthood for committing the crime, and said for the last 15 years he heard the voices of children in his head telling him to get rid of the facility.

Grady said he hasn't heard the voices since the incident because he believes it was an act of God.

Despite his apology, the judge and prosecution called this a serious offense. Even though Grady is bipolar they say he knew what he was doing.

"I hope Mr. Grady is able to effectively serve his prison time, and stay on the straight and narrow," prosecutor Bill Roach said. "This is a good wake up call for him that type of conduct just won't be tolerated in our community."

Grady may be behind bars, but Hoffmann stands by her brother.

"I just hope he gets help in that time," Hoffmann said.

 A representative from Planned Parenthood spoke in court calling this an act of terrorism. They hope Grady's sentence will help break the cycle. Grady tells us he plans on filing an appeal.