John Malan's Storm Team 4Cast for 2/13/13

Another Alberta Clipper moving in, but this one may miss us completely

CREATED Feb 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - We are facing another Alberta Clipper low pressure system Wednesday night and Thursday but this one is so far north that the bulk of the snow will be in northern Wisconsin.

More photos of the full forecast

There will be light snow with just over a dusting tonight in the Milwaukee area but that figure goes up as you travel north. The storm drags down colder air for Thursday night and Friday, and that chilly air will continue through the weekend.

Over the last weekend Boston received twenty-five inches of snow from a weekend blizzard, and some areas of Connecticut picked up more than three feet. February has the reputation on the east coast and here in Wisconsin as the month with the biggest snow storms.

Proof that the East Coast gets big snowfalls during this time of the year is the fact that record snowfalls in Boston and New York City are during this month, and the major snowfall this weekend in Boston was only the fifth highest historically for those folks. Their greatest snowfall occurred in February of 2003 with twenty-seven inches of snow, and four of their top five were recorded during February.

Milwaukee’s greatest snowfall records have occurred in February. The twenty four hour snowfall record for Milwaukee was 20.3 inches set on February 4th in 1924 when 20.3 inches accumulated.