Man finally behind bars after 3-month crime spree

CREATED Feb 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Authorities have charged a man with carjacking a group of teenagers in Wauwatosa.

Police say 22-year-old Kenneath Turner-Harris committed more than a dozen crimes in about three months. After a high-speed chase, Turner-Harris ditched a car on 76th street, just a couple of houses down from his apartment. Police found clues here that connected the man to countless victims.

Jimmie Lewandowski had just arrived home with his son two weeks back when he got the surprise of his life. When he turned around, he said he saw Turner-Harris holding a gun.

“He made me go inside the car and start it, and he told us to give over everything we had,” said Lewandowski.

The Lewandowskis gave the man his son's backpack, and his red Pontiac, which is now missing. But they're not the only victims.

According to police, Turner-Harris is charged with carrying out a dozen robberies between November and early February.

Authorities maintain Turner-Harris got around, and worked quickly. Stealing a car on the south side, for instance, then hours, sometimes minutes, later, robbing someone at gunpoint on the other side of town.

Joe Schmitz and his buddies were also robbed at gunpoint in Wauwatosa. They say Turner-Harris stole their car as well.

“He kind of like grabbed me,” said Schmitz. “Give me your keys, your wallet, your phone, then he kind of led me behind a building."

The next day, police spotted the stolen car and followed him to his home on 76th street. That is when they found enough evidence to arrest him.

Turner-Harris faces a lifetime in prison, and his victims are thankful his crime spree has come to a close.