Two affected by Sikh Temple shooting come together for State of the Union

CREATED Feb 12, 2013

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WASHINGTON - Lieutenant Brian Murphy will sit with first lady Michelle Obama during the president's speech. Murphy is one of several Wisconsinites in the spotlight tonight.

Lt. Murphy is on capitol hill, so is a man touched by everything he did. Amardeep Kaleka's father was gunned down at the temple. It's been his mission ever since to call attention to responsible gun ownership. And there's no audience more powerful than the president in his plea to the nation.

The dramatic scene that played out in Oak Creek six months ago set in motion a fierce debate about guns and who should get them. And it turned Kaleka from son, to crusader.

“I'm always fast to say gun responsibility not gun control because it's super easy to make it work for the second amendment and also give us the rights to live and have a peaceful society,” he said.

Gunman Wade Page murdered six people at the temple, including Kaleka's father, Satwant Singh. The devastating crime has ignited a passion in Kaleka, and brought him to the nation's capitol.

“My father would continuously say don't use words, use actions,” Kaleka said. “Volunteer your service, your time and that's what we're trying to do."

Lt. Brian Murphy, who was shot repeatedly when he responded to the scene, will be a special guest for the State of the Union. Murphy is a man Kaleka calls a hero.

"He suffered so much,” Kaleka said of Murphy. “I mean, you know what he was thinking on the ground? He said I was on the ground i was thinking, when is this guy going to run out of bullets."

Lt. Murphy's strength, and his father's memory, are fueling Kaleka's fight to find a way to make guns and safety go together. He hopes the president will put the weight of the white house behind it.

"Every year it affects so many people, it affects, it's such a hefty toll and price to pay on our society,” said Kaleka.

Also in Washington Tuesday is Elvin Daniel, the brother of Zina Daniel, whose husband was behind the mass shooting at the Azana Spa. He will be in the balcony during the State of the Union.