Study: Milwaukee best city in America for women seeking young men

CREATED Feb 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - For women seeking young men, Milwaukee is the best city in America to move to for love.

A study by Zillow called "Find your Valentine" rates Milwaukee tops among women seeking men who are 35 years old or younger.

The study looked at:
- Disposable income for young people (Milwaukee apparently has a higher percentage of take-home pay that can be devoted to dating).
- The proportion of single to married people
- The ratio of men to women in the city
- The ease of meeting new people
- The percentage of people who are single and relocated within the past five years from a different country, state or county.

Worcester, Mass. finished first among men seeking women who are 35 years old or younger.

Miami finished first for men seeking men, while Worcester Mass. was also first for women seeking women.