Weather is no match for man hoping to live out his dream

CREATED Feb 11, 2013

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WALWORTH COUNTY - The chance to judge the Westminster Dog Show is the opportunity of a lifetime for Luc Boileau but the weather doesn't change for anyone's plans.

Last Friday, Boileau sat down with TODAY’S TMJ4’s Cody Holyoke, it was a day after his flight was supposed to leave.

“After all these years, being asked to do this, I can't believe that this would happen now,” he said.

TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka checked in with Boileau on the phone Monday, he recounted his experience.

“They canceled all the flights on Thursday, then they canceled some of the flights again on Friday,” he said.

But as the major blizzard was losing its bite, Luc managed to sniff out the opportunity to make it to Madison Square Garden to judge one of the oldest competitions in America.

“I had to rush to go to the airport, Saturday to get to go to Minneapolis, wait for hours and then get on a flight to LaGuarida," Boileau added. "I think I wore myself out.”

But he made it just in time, best in breed competitions have been going on all day, but Boileau will be judging the winners of those in the entire Hounds Group tonight.

And he said, he can’t wait.

“When you wait that long to be asked, I guess you just want to follow through.”

Boileau will use his trained eye of 75 years to pick the perfect pooch to be judged for the ultimate honor of Best in Show. And he takes the honor of judging this prestigious competition quite seriously.

“I've been around too long, I've earned this," Boileau said. "People don't like to hear the truth most of the time, they just like you to go along, to be nice and smile. I smile but I say it the way it is.”

He said he just hopes he's smiling on the way back. Boileau plans to fly into Mitchell International on Wednesday and he says that if there are more travel headaches, the experience will be worth it.