Native Wisconsinite shares her blizzard story

CREATED Feb 9, 2013

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BOSTON, Mass. - Those living on the east coast with a connection to Wisconsin are sharing their stories about the Blizzard of 2013.   Today's TMJ4's Todd Hicks says one Wind Lake native says snow drifts total one-story high in Boston where she's at:

Trenni Kusnierek described the storm that pounded New England Friday, saying snow seemed to come down fast, at the rate of about two inches every hour. She said in all her years in Wisconsin, she had never seen a winter storm like that.

Kusnierek was stuck in her home Friday and Saturday, but late in the day Saturday, the governor of Massachusetts did finally lift the travel ban. Still, cleanup could take many days.

Kusnierek thinks crews are doing all they can, but it has been difficult because of the winds.  She says after the plows come through, the winds carry the snow right back over the streets.