Police warn residents of fundraising scam

CREATED Feb 8, 2013

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NEW BERLIN - A warning for residents from New Berlin Police.

They say a phone call soliciting funds for a fire department fundraiser is a scam.

Neither department seeks money by phone.

A woman reported the call after pledging $25 by credit card.

"I thought afterwards he sounded like he was reading from a script. The whole thing," said the New Berlin grandmother.

The caller told her he was fundraising for the New Berlin Fire Department.

He didn't give a name, but made himself sound familiar calling Edith by her first name and referencing her history of donating.

It seemed reasonable to Edith. She has donated to the department before. A few hours later, she got a bad feeling replaying the conversation.

Edith called back the number on her caller ID. Much to her surprise, the line was not in service. We tried the same number and got the same result.

When police learned Edith's story they quickly posted a warning on Facebook calling the fundraiser a scam.

"If you want to donate to the fire department, contact them. They'll accept donations but we're not in the business of seeking donations in that matter," said Officer Tony Fus.

Edith alerted her credit card company.

Moving forward, she's sure to ask more questions.

"I'll have my eyes open before I step ahead."

Police say you should check out an organization online. Get their number. See if it matches up. And be the one to call them back.