Racine starts a couple hours later as residents attempt to dig out

CREATED Feb 8, 2013

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RACINE - Many people are digging out in Racine. The snow from Thursday’s storm is causing a lot of problems.

A two-hour delay at Racine Unified Schools has parent Angela Dupart dropping her son off to class much later than she wanted.

The district decided it was best to delay start times after the county got seven to nine inches of snow. The district wanted to make sure parking lots were plowed before parents and buses dropped students off.

“We don't like to delay school,” said Stacy Tapp with the Racine Unified School district. “We don't like to miss those two educational hours, but safety comes first."

Dupart understands that.

“I think it was better because we were able to get up - clean up the residual snow,” she said.

And the snow is not just an inconvenience for the school district - car dealers are also having a tough time.'

Salesman Jim Nielsen saved all his strength to spend the day doing some hard work outside.

“Pulling this brush through the snow which is frozen to the car,” he said. “You can see it doesn't come off too easy.”

Nielsen and his co-workers will clean more than 200 cars on the lot.

The schools will let out at their normal times. But as for the car dealer, they'll finish up as quickly as possible.