Storm Team 4

Heavier snow expected in Milwaukee County

CREATED Feb 7, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - We can expect snow in Milwaukee County to be heavy later on Thursday, and not just in terms of the amount of snow.

Storm Team 4Caster Jesse Ritka explains that it's the perfect kind of snow for children to enjoy with snowmen and snowball fights, along with other winter fun.

"It's going to be that wet, sticky snow, good for the kids...a lot of sledding, I'm sure," said Jesse.

Jesse tells us that Milwaukee salt crews are already preparing the roads for snow to come later today.

"I've seen about 5 salt trucks go across Capitol Drive in the last 10 minutes," she explained.

She also thinks the salt will be effective, because temperatures won't fall far below freezing.

"Since temperatures are going to be so close to freezing, we're looking for that salt to be very effective and very efficient today, because salt works best when temperatures hover near the freezing mark.  We'll have to deal with a little freezing rain first, and then the snow comes into play."