Man claims he was beaten by MPD over a stick of gum

CREATED Feb 5, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The I-TEAM has been working on the story of Jordon Cain for days now, a man who claims he was beaten by Milwaukee Police over a stick of gum.

Milwaukee Police called a news conference Tuesday about this case, after TODAY’S TMJ4 started promoting this I-TEAM story.

Police are saying that the injury to Cain is consistent with resisting arrest. There is video of the arrest which MPD showed the media, are not releasing a copy to the public see because right now it's evidence in a case that is now under investigation on a number of fronts.

“The Milwaukee Police Department takes responsibility for the forced used during the lawful arrest of Mr. Cain which resulted in charges with the da's office,” said Edith Hudson, MPD Deputy Commander.

Milwaukee Police are not backing down from what they say was a lawful arrest. Cain was arrested after being pulled over at this gas station last month. When police began to question him about his car registration, police claim he ingested narcotics.

“That's why we decentralized him,” said Hudson. “Took him to the ground and attempted to get him to spit out or remove the things that were in his mouth.”

During that time there was a struggle that was partially captured on dash cam. Police claim cain resisted and so police used pepper spray.

“Our investigation has revealed that the injury probably occurred as his head was being held down and he was actively resisting,” said Hudson.

But when pressed by our TODAY’S TMJ4 investigative reporter Jermont Terry to explain some of the inconsistence in the police reports about a witness statement and the type of drug ingested police wanted to end the news conference.

Police say there is no new information to release since the arrest. Cain has filed a complaint with the police department. He has also been charged with resisting an officer.

Tune in tonight at 10 for the full story, including the response from Milwaukee Police, and a twist that adds to Cain's claims.