Strip Search Scandal

Separate trials for four officers accused in MPD strip search case

CREATED Feb 5, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The case against four Milwaukee Police officers, charged with illegal strip searches, is moving closer to trial.

All four suspended officers appeared in a Milwaukee County Courtroom.

"They got me standing there, totally naked and handcuffed," said Joseph Mays, an alleged victim.

He said accused ringleader Michael Vagnini raped him.

Vagnini faces 25 counts for illegal strip searches, misconduct and sexual assault.

Officers Jacob Knight, Jeffrey Dollhoft and  Brian Kozelek also face charges.

All of them agreed to separate Vagnini's trial from the other three suspects.

The other three will be tried together.

Vagnini's trial will come five weeks before Dollhoft, Knight and Kozelek's.

All four suspects continue to get paid while under suspension.

Each suspect was to return to court on February 20th for a pre-trial hearing.