Village of Pleasant Prairie declares snow emergency

CREATED Feb 4, 2013

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE - The village of Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha County made the decision Monday to declare a “snow emergency.”

The town will continue their emergency until Tuesday, putting rules and resources in place to deal with impending weather.

At Pleasant Prairie's plow yard, it's “go time.” Truck operator and mechanic Kyle Borths works to ready the fleet.

“I'm not used to it,” he said. “Getting back used to it from last year."

Borths has been fitting rigs with new blades ahead of the snow. It's a lot of work, but preparation is key.

"They're calling for another two inches tonight," said Gary Sullivan.

Sullivan is a street foreman with the Department of Public Works and helped to declare the snow emergency in Pleasant Prairie. More than a dozen trucks are already out working ahead of the storm.

“This kind of snow is probably the most difficult because it's nonstop, these are these clippers,” Sullivan said. “They hit, then they're gone, then a few hours later they hit again."

Declaring a snow emergency isn't just about safety. Once a town or village makes that decision, parking restrictions usually go into effect, meaning cars have to move out of the way so plow trucks can clear the road.

"We're having problems getting through cul de sacs and so forth, people parking on the roads,” Sullivan said. “And getting clean curb-to-curb, which is what the village requires."

With cars off the roads, crews hope to be able to work fast.

"We're looking to get them completely cleaned up tonight, then be out tomorrow morning again,” he added.

The snow emergency stays in effect until noon Tuesday. Street parking is not allowed until the emergency is lifted. Of course, every town and city has different rules, so be sure to check your local rules before you keep that car out on the curb tonight.