Larry McCarren: Mistakes crippled 49ers in Super Bowl

CREATED Feb 4, 2013

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Don't know whether the thoughts are so super but here's a few that crossed my mind during the Super Bowl.

That critical series late in the game, where the 49'ers had a first and goal at the seven and didn't score, I thought that was on Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco Offensive Coaches.

Their first call, which was a run that went for 2 yards, was ok, but on the three in completions that followed, the Baltimore defensive calls beat whatever play the Niners had dialed up.

The coverage was tight, like in your face tight, and when it's that good, it usually means the defense had the better of it scheme-wise, and that's always a nice head start when it comes to execution.

Harbaugh complained about holding on 4th down, and he had a point, but officials routinely swallow their whistles in championship games. The penalty total for both teams, just seven.

Outside of that decisive series, allowing a one hundred and eight yard td return on the opening kickoff of the second half was in-excusable. If the 49'er cover team didn't relax a bit when it saw the depth of the kick, i'd be shocked. The Super Bowl is no time to take anything for granted.

It also struck me at one point that Ray Lewis might have been the worst inside linebacker on the field. Don't get me wrong, great career, but it is time for him to retire.

And that Go-Daddy commercial, creepy.