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Children's Hospital ranked 4th best in America, and they rap about it

CREATED Feb 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Children's Hospital of Wauwatosa has received another major accolade.

Parents Magazine has named the facility America's 4th best children's hospital.

They cited the top-ranked NICU unit, the level of research the hospital does and the short wait in the emergency room, among other reasons.

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It's been a tough month for Amanda and Andrew Herther.

"It's hard watching other people change his diapers," Amanda says.

Their son Liam was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia - a hole in the diaphragm that allows organs from the abdomen to move into the chest.

Amanda says the hospital staff has been very comforting.  "The doctors come in every day we're here, and they'll explain his updates and talk to us, until we understand it."

Care like that is why Parents Magazine ranked Children's Hospital 4th, and the hospital's NICU number one in a national study.

"Wrapping ourselves around the families and giving not only the best medical care, but the best service along with it.," said Peggy Troy, the hospital's CEO.

She adds another key to the hospital's success is being a leader in research, especially prematurity.

"Try to really figure out how we can continue to make the consequences of prematurity less taxing for the rest of the children's lives," she explains.

It's all thanks to that sort of research that Liam is doing so well.

"His eyes are a little bit blue, and he likes to make facial expressions and smile and stick his tongue out," Amanda gushes.

Amanda is thankful for the top-notch hospital care, but is ready to take her baby home!

"I can't wait to hold him every day," she exclaims.

You can help make sure that life-saving research continues.

Tuesday is National Pancake Day.  IHOP is holding a fundraiser for children's miracle network hospitals, like CHW.

Participants get a free short stack of pancakes!

Watch video of the Children's Hospital staff performing a rap song about their ranking.