Fans react to Favre, Rodgers sharing stage

CREATED Feb 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 3, 2013

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CEDARBURG - An exchange between two Packers, one current and one former, lit up sports talk radio shows and social media.
At Clyde Graf's home in Cedarburg, they had all the makings for Super Bowl fun.
But, prior to the power outage on football's biggest night, it's a certain exchance that had Graf and a friend riled up.
It's video of Favre and Rodgers presenting at the NFL Honors Awards over the weekend. The two have a storied history, some might even say rocky.
Packers fan Joe Reichart was shocked to see them sharing the same stage.
"It just i think caught a lot of people offguard," Reichart says.
People are talking.
"They knew it was coming, but both seemed awkward standing face-to-face," Graf says.
Following their banter, Favre pats Rodgers on the back. Then, handshakes and hugs.
"I dont think Rodgers knew what to do," Graf says. "He was just speechless, I think for the most part."
Joe agrees with Clyde.
"As a packer fan, I think it's a good step for everything that happened in the past with Favre not taking it right," Reichart says.