Oak Creek Police say leave purses at home

CREATED Feb 3, 2013

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OAK CREEK - Oak Creek Police are urging women to bring debit cards, credit cards, coupons and cash, but to leave their purses at home.

Find shopper Lora Ruedt in a grocery store parking lot and her purse will be right at her side.

"I don't know what I'd do without my purse," Ruedt says.

But, Lora admits she's not always as careful as she should be.

"I have had someone say to me when I've forgotten to watch my purse," Ruedt says.

Just last week, two women told police someone swiped their wallets at different stores in Oak Creek. That prompted the department to ask women to consider shopping without a purse.

"I've seen it and I think many have seen the purse unattended, laying there in shopping cart," Lieutentant David Aschenhurst says. "Unfortunately, there are people out there who are opportunists and they will take it."

Reaction is mixed.

"You have to have your driver's license and keys, so have to provide for those," shopper Marianne Traxel says. "But, that sounds like a good idea."

But, for those who will say they just can't leave home without their purse, police are urging them to stay on watch.

"Strap the purse in the safety belt that's ordinarily provided for children in the cart," Lieutentant Aschenhurst says.

"Possibly cover the purse with grocery items. Then, when the money's needed, it's uncovered."

There have been no arrests in the purse snatchings.

They're under investigation.