Investigation into cause of Echo Lake Foods fire begins

CREATED Jan 31, 2013

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BURLINGTON - It took hundreds of firefighters and nearly half-a-day, but an eight-alarm fire in Burlington is now under control.

Photos of the fire and aftermath

Some of those exhausted fire crews are able to finally leave the scene, but many homes in the area are still being impacted.

The city's mayor held a press conference Thursday afternoon. He said the fire at Echo Lake Foods has been contained, but firefighters continue dealing with hot spots.

Overnight, more than 80 fire departments were on the scene of the eight-alarm blaze. Ten families were evacuated because of concerns about toxic fumes escaping from the plant, but were allowed to return Thursday afternoon.

Echo Lake Food is a family-owned business. The mayor said the majority of the fire companies that were in Burlington to fight the fire have been released.

Now the investigation into what started the fire will begin. The Department of Workforce Development said the Unemployment Department will meet with workers next Wednesday to discuss what options are available for employees until they can get back to work again.

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