Milwaukee Police Chief says Sheriff Clarke trying to 'terrorize' city

CREATED Jan 31, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Chief Ed Flynn accuses Sheriff David Clarke of terrorizing people who live in the city.

Chief Flynn was out of town when that now infamous public service announcement hit radio airwaves. The chief had a few days to organize his thoughts but still he didn't hold back words when talking about Sheriff Clarke.

Flynn said Clarke's PSA doesn't make his job easier. The chief adds that if Sheriff Clarke wanted to advocate for gun rights, he surely didn't have to beat up on virtually every police department in the county.

But he said Sheriff Clarke was speaking directly about the city of Milwaukee.

“You're entitled to protect yourself but, as I say, it's not responsible to attempt to undermine confidence in local law enforcement and terrorize people about the safety of their streets,” Chief Flynn said Thursday. “It's just no way to go about responsibly advocating for gun rights.”

Flynn admits the department has to work on better response times but he insists the 911 system is still the best option for residents when they need assistance.

Sheriff Clarke has not yet responded to the chief's claim that the ad terrorizes the community.