Road crews are working to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature

CREATED Jan 30, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Road crews are working hard to get ahead of the weather.

First snow, then sleet, now a sudden drop in temperature means roads are getting rough.

"I think if you drive with caution you should be alright," said driver Maria Demakopoulos.

John Kramer's job is to make sure you're alright. He drives a truck for the Waukesha Department of Public Works and we went along as he worked to get a head start on what mother nature has in store, and it isn't good.

"Basically the worst conditons are rain and freezing rain and temperatures that drop quickly like this," he said.

That's why it's key to have a combination of chemicals and putting the plow to work.

"With the rain that we had from yesterday and last night, it’s going to create problems," Kramer said. "I mean, that's why we have to make sure that we have everything pushed to the curbs.”

All to keep you safe, but not every driver is doing their part.

"Two days ago we had an ice storm," he said. "I was backing up a hill and we had a car come down over the top and spun out into a garbage truck and into a light pole."

A scary example of what can happen when you don't respect the road.

Kramer tells us with what we've seen, it can be a 10 hour day for crews. It can be longer if conditions get worse, so give these guys a break and let them do what they need to do to keep you safe.