Sheboygan residents trying to make the best of the storm

CREATED Jan 30, 2013

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SHEBOYGAN - Folks in Sheboygan County had a rough start to the morning.

Wednesday in the Wisconsin town, you could watch this storm go from rain to ice pellets to snow. It covered a parking lot of a strip mall, just within a matter of hours. And people in Sheboygan trying to make the best of this storm.

On a snow day like this, Steve Spielvogel doesnt stay home. It's a chance to head out to work and make some cash.

“We got calls around 6 a.m. to go out and start salting,” said Spielvogel, with Spielvogel Excavating.

He said the Winter season has been slow, because off the lack of snow. But with Wednesday's storm, he expects to plow 35 parking lots.

“We anticipated it,” Spielvogel said. “We prepare for it the night before so if guys are on call and ready to go when the phone calls come in we just dispatch them right away.”

And they have their work cut out for them - the snow has been non-stop in Sheboygan since early wednesday morning. It started with rain and then the snow started accumulating.

“I’m a student at LTC and biking to school,” said Patrick Gordon.

Gordon doesn’t really like commuting to school when it snows, but biking is his only option.

“I go one day a week just because the other classes are online, and this is the day it had to be,” he said. “So here I go.”

And he does his best to get through it.

“I'm more worried about other people than I am myself,” Gordon said.

Because those roads are certainly icy and very slick, it’s important to give yourself plenty of room and extra time.