Changing weather can take toll on your health

CREATED Jan 29, 2013

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WAUWATOSA - Fifty-five degrees and raining on a late January night, in Wisconsin.

“I actually love it, it's kind of a treat,” said Andrew Alarupi.

While refreshing, Alarupi isn't wild about what's to follow.

With wind chills of up to 20 below by Thursday, and snow, it may cause a major headache. Alarupi struggles with his sinuses.

Dr. Madan Kandula said it can be big time trouble for people who suffer from sinus issues. Kandula is an ear, nose and throat specialist in Wauwatosa.

“For a lot of folks it’s going to be pressure basically in the cheeks, forehead, between the eyes, that’s where the sinus are,” said Dr. Kandula. “Sinus infections feel like a nasty cold, but typically need antibiodics to treat.”

Dr. Cindy Running at North Shore Pediatrics will tell you asthma and allergy sufferers can also have a tough time with this wacky weather. The change in air pressure changes what's in the air.

Weather in and of itself doesn't make us sick, it's those with chronic conditions who may have those things as triggers.

“So a lot of folks will feel that either way,” said Running. “Whether it goes from cold to hot, hot to cold they'll start feeling kind of wheezy and tight lung wise.”