Oak Creek PD chief: Weapons ban won't stop mass violence

CREATED Jan 29, 2013

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - While meeting with federal officials about mass violence in Washington, D.C., Oak Creek's Police Chief told TODAY'S TMJ4 that he doesn't believe making a ban on particular weapons will stop such tragedies.

"I don't believe a ban on any weapon could stop this type of violence," said Chief John Edwards in a live interview on "Live at Daybreak."

"I'm already hearing I want to take away the Second Amendment.  Nothing could be further than the truth."

Mass violence happened in his city when gunman Wade Page shot and killed six people at the Sikh Temple back in August.

In Edwards' belief, lawmakers need to focus on different aspects of the causes of mass violence.

"It's a deeper issue than the gun.  The gun didn't cause the problem.  There are issues long before that.  The gun was at the end," said Edwards.

"We need to look at the root issues and some of the causes, and assess people with mental issues, and keep guns out of the people who shouldn't have them.  Those are the things we should be concentrating on."

Edwards' itinerary on Tuesday includes "meetings with the Secretary of Homeland Security regarding mass shootings and what Homeland Security can do for law enforcement in responding to these events."

"Some of the things will be concepts we took away from training amongst different agencies, how to make things work better, how we can train better with responding issues, how we can make response better and how to handle the overall scene."

While President Obama met with Edwards and other police chiefs who serve cities where mass violence has happened, the President urged Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, limit high capacity magazines and require universal background checks.