Street flooding problems in Milwaukee

CREATED Jan 29, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Department of Public Works crews were taking Tuesday to keep an eye on storm drains because of the rain.

Crews found a giant puddle of standing water Tuesday morning on North Humboldt Avenue near Center Street in Riverwest.

That puddle took over the intersection.

DPW crews are asking people to help clear out storm drains.

City crews changed gear, doing that after salting roads and highways just days ago.

The wild weather week has them worried about street flooding.

Melting snow and ice, plus rain, can cause major problems.

"Anything that might be in the gutter or around those drains, we want to keep those very clear so that when it does rain we don't get that ponding effect that you see from time to time," said Sandy Rusch Walton of the Milwaukee DPW.