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St. Coletta School teaches students the importance of self worth

'This is a place that has no limit to the good they do'

CREATED Jan 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee school is helping kids thrive, and it’s doing it in a way that is Positively Milwaukee. This is a place where you can see the magic of learning.

In Miss Lustig’s class at St. Coletta day school, students with learning challenges are prepared for the real world.

"We are essentially a learn at your own pace program for kids who learn differently," said William Koehn.

St. Coletta school started in 1956, and right now there are 24 kids attending classes. Teachers stress an individualized approach to education. It’s a program that gets high marks from parents.

Anne Novotny has seven adopted children, and two of them attend school here. She said that Sarah and Maya have made great strides.

"To see this little girl finally have self esteem and be confident is a blessing beyond words,” said Novotny. “I know every day that they come to school that they are happy taken care of and they are learning the way that they can.”

Students benefit from smaller classes, and get individual attention from dedicated teachers and staff. Director William Koehn calls it his passion.

“I knew that at a very young age this is what I would like to be doing im very thankful that a 39 years later I’m still doing what I love to do,” said Koehn.

The school integrates learning and social skills in a nurturing atmosphere. Chances are the right shool will help these kids make the right choices for today and the future.

“This is a place that has no limit to the good they do, not just the kids in there, but the families"

Bill Koehn admits the school is not for every child, but the staff works closely with families to ensure it’s the right fit for students.

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