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Local business teaches exercise through technology

CREATED Jan 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A local man is changing the way you workout by bringing exercise and technology to wherever you are.

You can do this workout anywhere and there's something for every fitness level. Local creator BJ Gaddour is leaving us with no excuses.

It's called StreamFIT, and it goes where you go.

"You can watch it on your iPhone, your iPad or tablet. You can do it on a desktop, laptop," Gaddour pointed out.

Everything else is streaming, so why not workouts? With StreamFIT you can use just your body weight.

"We'll do planks, bridges, pushups, squats," Gaddour explained. "Or you can use all the bells and whistles. Dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight, bands, trx, sandbags."

Gaddour didn't start out this passionate about fitness

"Not long ago I was a chubby kid with really, really bad knees," he said.

His goal is to inspire people to change. But Gaddour's mindset has changed.

"The daily workout, the daily physical movement, that sets the tone for your day."

StreamFIT got Steve Glynn back on track. He helped launch a company four years ago just as his second child was born.

"That was really, I mean three to four hours of sleep a night if I was lucky," he said.

There was no room for exercise. Now Glynn feels there's no room for excuses.

"I was in Disney with the kids and literally worked out from my iPhone in between two small hotel beds while they're jumping on the bed," he said.

Gaddour is hoping StreamFIT is the motivator for people to join him and live a fit life.

There are more than 200 workouts on their website. You chose the intensity and duration: You can workout for 3 minutes or 90 minutes.