Crazy weather continues

CREATED Jan 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - This wild weather has city crews busy changing equipment. The city is dusting off machines they don't normally use until spring.

The City of Milwaukee had 96 salting trucks out Sunday to deal with the snow, freezing rain, and ice but today, they're shifting gears.

"It's been a little crazy, hasn't it?" said Sandy Rusch Walton with the Department of Public Works.

Crazy because there have almost been more of these yellow trucks out clearing storm drains than yellow trucks clearing snow.

“We have not been plowing much snow because we haven't gotten much snow so we've been letting our salters do a lot of that work," said Rusch Walton.

But even the salt piles are standing still today. Melting snow and ice plus rain in the forecast changes the Department of Public Works' focus to preventing street flooding.

“Anything that might be in the gutter or around those drains, we want to keep those very clear so that when it does rain we don't get that ponding effect that you see from time to time," said Rusch Walton.

And since we've had the same number of rainy days as snowy ones this winter, both storm drain and salt trucks have been busy.

But one department is the complete opposite.

“We're not really doing a whole lot of pothole-fill right now," said Rusch Walton.

While we've had some cold days, the chill hasn't lasted long enough to create as many pothole problems, although we are only halfway through winter.

"We are keeping our eye on the weather because it changes so often around here," said Rusch Walton.

While more spring-like problems are the concern today, winter worries are back by Thursday.