Milwaukee Sheriff goes national with message to arm yourself

CREATED Jan 28, 2013

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  • Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has taken to the national stage, calling for people to arm themselves and not rely on 9-1-1. 

Sheriff Clarke appeared on CNN Monday morning, talking about his latest radio ad, in which he calls on people to arm themselves, because he perceives calling 9-1-1 is not an option in certain situations.

"Once the wolf is at the door, once the intruder is inside the home, once you're on the street and someone sticks a gun in your face to take your car or your wallet, you don't have the option of calling 9-1-1," uttered Clarke on CNN.

Clarke says the problem is furloughs and layoffs.

He had to lay off dozens of staff members because of budget cuts, and as he put it, the Milwaukee Police Department "is furloughing 1,500 officers three days each.  That's 4,500 fewer officer days that will be spent on the street."