Wisconsinites not taking any chances

CREATED Jan 27, 2013

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GLENDALE - Brian Schultz isn't taking any chances with icy conditions.
The Waukesha man didn't want a repeat of skating rink-like conditions he saw in his driveway two weeks ago.
"The conditions were not all that safe, sliding around even with my four-wheel drive," Schultz says.
Schultz hit the hardware store early Sunday, buying a 50-pound bag of salt. 
Crews also got an early start in other places before things got too slick. They had nearly 100 trucks out on the road by noon Sunday.
Crews says they're sticking with road salt this time, instead of a liquid brine they've used for some roads in the past.
For now, Schultz says you can never be too ready.
"I'm going to salt before it gets too bad," Schultz says. "[I'm] getting myself prepared, because you never know what it's going to be like in the next 24 hours."
DPW says they expect the early salting to keep the roads ice-free for most of Sunday night.